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Every successful event begins with a well-organized to-do list

I think we all have that friend that plans every trip, every baby shower, every engagement party, and every other big event for our group. They probably have spreadsheets galore, and their favorite tool is a well-organized to-do list. They even keep track of the itinerary, planned down to the minute.


Well, that's me. As a child, I loved doing puzzles; figuring out how everything fit together and making sure all the pieces played nicely. As an adult, this has evolved into being the de-facto planner for my friend group and family (and I still love a good puzzle). After planning countless vacations, parties, and large scale events at college and beyond, I was ready to tackle my own wedding.


Throughout the countless vendor meetings, never-ending decision-making, and midnight google searches for the perfect centerpieces, I realized that I had a real passion for wedding planning and truly enjoyed coordinating all the activities for my big day (although I could've done with more cake tasting). Now, I want to use my background in product management and digital marketing, paired with my top notch organizational skills to help other couples realize their wedding dreams, and watch them come to life.

In my spare time (hah!), I enjoy hiking, camping, skiing, drinking wine, reading, doing puzzles, and traveling!

I have 4 fur babies, 1 human baby on the way, and an amazing husband!

Rachael Marie


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